Thank you. I certainly miss the beautiful staff & their amazing care and love they blessed me with.
I’m so happy to be back to my joyful contented self without alcohol and sadness bringing me undone …
Happy to live life to the fullest thanks to everyone’s input/knowledge and outpouring love
Feeling blessed and loved
big hugs and kisses guy’s

Cheers K

Hi all

It’s Will, well i have been 100 days today without alcohol and im not going to say it’s been easy because it hasn’t especially the last few weeks..  I was going to come for a surprise visit today but because of the weather i have to put it off..  can u please say HI to everyone for me and I hope to see you soon.
Love Will xx
ps:  Thanks again for everything xx

After 20 years of going in and out of various rehabs in Queensland and NSW we finally found The Health Retreat, just when we were about to give up on our eldest son. Two weeks at The Health Retreat last year and he was and still is a totally different person. The Health Retreat has achieved in two weeks what others hadn’t managed to do in two decades.
Francis, whatever you and your wonderful staff are doing, keep doing it.
We’ve witnessed a miracle.
Thank you for giving us back our son.

I don’t know how you what or how you and your wonderful team did to help my eldest son but after 2 weeks he is a totally different person.
You’ve worked a miracle and I cannot recommend The Health Retreat too highly.
God bless you all for your fine work.
– Alex


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