Handwritten Testimonial

Dear Francis, Carol & Family

What can I say apart from “thank you”. It has been an absolute pleasure being able to come to The Health Retreat.

For so long I forgot who I was & was believing that I was useless & the unluckiest person in the world!! But that was until I got on that plane & made my way here to the sunny coast where I was welcomed with open arms & so much love that I finally realised that I am worthy & I am lucky. I’m lucky to have so much support through my journey of life & that is all because of you guys, well I guess I did some of the work haha.

You guys have a great program here & it really helped me work through my depression which I’ve been hiding for majority of my life.

So again thank you!! I will always have a place for you all in my heart!!

Catch you round like a rissole… I mean see ya round like a donut 🙂

Always & forever


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