Hello everyone
I thought I’d touch base with all of you to share my joy. I have been alcohol free since the day I walked out of The Health Retreat. I know in my heart, soul & my very being that I will remain free of any substance.
I’d love everyone there that played a part in my
recovery and happiness know that life is great.
I’m feeling on top of the world

I deserve peace, love and a sound mind.

My mantra ~
If im alive, I’m worthy
My worth comes from my very existence

Sadly my daughter is still not speaking to me however I release her control over my happiness… ” Life is going to plan ”
I’ll be here when she feels the time is right
Her journey is separate from mine ..The main thing is she is happy ? healthy , alive , and a very successful young mum, and business lady… blessed and proud mumma

Love & Hugs to all

Just a quick and massive thank you for being there throughout the year and teaching me life changing learnings.

This has been the best year of my life and have all of you to thank.

Wishing you all a very safe and merry Xmas and look forward to catching up in the new year.


Lots of love

Hi Francis

I don’t think I have thanked you for helping and supporting me getting my beautiful boy back. He is back enjoying life just changed jobs and loving it, his self confidence grows everyday. He still uses the thought processes you taught him at the health retreat. From my family thank you so very much.


I miss you all but glad not to have visited lately tehe I’m so happy with my progress as I have not had a drink since I was there in recovery maybe March 2018 yeah ! I feel strong & in control of my happiness, thank you for all your expertise and caring guidance .
I wish you and all the staff there a very healthy and happy New Year ..
Keep looking after those who find their way into your facility as they need your compassion, love and professional friendship
Cheers & a big Thank you

Thank you to all the wonderful staff and fellow guests for helping me overcome some difficult issues whilst teaching me new tools to implement and build back my self- worth and meaning in life. If want peace, love, support and long term positive change, the health retreat is something you should seriously consider. It’s feels it’s changed my life for ever. Please reach out to Francis or Carol to gain further insight and how they can help you x


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