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The work you guys do is giving this generation and the next generation, the best life and best start to a new life possible,

To help people to love themselves when all they have done is burn the candle at both ends to support their guilt, and in illusion, carry the stress of trying to keep other people happy.

I went to the Retreat a depressed, angry, irritable man and I left, a man that could step back, take a look at the bigger picture, help other people, and give true quality love to my

loved ones. I’ve been taught to love myself so I can love other people by teaching myself self-value.

I’m so happy and proud to be Alan now, I’m jumping out my skin, all thanks to your wonderful team!

I would like to say a special thank you to Matt for helping me, and guiding the deeper parts of my brain to deal with what I didn’t want to deal with and help sift through

it in the dream state, and for giving me the tools to start the morning with a strong meditation to ensure that I have a good happy peaceful day.

Id also like to thank Beth for helping me to understand myself, to help me justify everything I did in a way that let my guard down, and we addressed the issues without self-judgement.

I’d like to thank Rebecca for her kindness, and her continual kindness throughout the whole program.

I’d like to thank Clint for every small thing he does that makes the biggest difference.

A massive thank you to all of the kitchen girls for their delicious food, which was an absolute treat.

I would like to give a massive thank you, to both Carol and Francis, for the countless hours of regulated empathy and availability that you give of your own lives.

You guys are both soul donors ! Thank you, thank you, thank you for making my life and my loved ones lives so much more wonderful!!

And One last big thank you to, Carl, who relays the information in your program so well and in so many different ways, so that everybody in class understands.

He is so enthusiastic and real about every question asked, he knows his job and does it so well. He has the gift of talking to people, and answers so personally to people that he hardly knows at all.

So a huge cheers to Carl & his gift, for the difference he makes in peoples day at the Health Retreat.

Big Cheers and Thank you, again, over and over.

Warm Regards

Handwritten Testimonial

Dear Francis, Carol & Family

What can I say apart from “thank you”. It has been an absolute pleasure being able to come to The Health Retreat.

For so long I forgot who I was & was believing that I was useless & the unluckiest person in the world!! But that was until I got on that plane & made my way here to the sunny coast where I was welcomed with open arms & so much love that I finally realised that I am worthy & I am lucky. I’m lucky to have so much support through my journey of life & that is all because of you guys, well I guess I did some of the work haha.

You guys have a great program here & it really helped me work through my depression which I’ve been hiding for majority of my life.

So again thank you!! I will always have a place for you all in my heart!!

Catch you round like a rissole… I mean see ya round like a donut 🙂

Always & forever