Meet The Health Retreat Team

Meet all the kind, caring and understanding professional therapists, and staff here at The Health Retreat. We have the most experienced staff in Australia, with many years of experience in the health industry and relevant modalities that you will need to make the shifts in your thinking, long term.

Apart from the fact that they are brilliant at what they do, it is fair to say they are all wonderful people who get great joy from the changes they see daily in the people who join us on retreat.

The Founder

Many people ask how and why Francis has started the highly effective Health Retreat.

Some 14 years ago Francis was involved in a fatal car accident where a 17-year-old was drag racing on the wrong side of the road and hit Francis’s car head on.

The young man passed in Francis’s arms. PTSD from the accident and a non-effective several years of treatment in the medical model, led Francis to a Holistic Recovery Process, which is how the Health Retreat came to be.

Now arguably the most effective program anywhere in the world. Doctor, Psychologists, Naturopath and natural trained therapists engaging in over 120 hours per month of life changing therapies.

Francis wanted to deliver a program far superior to any other program anywhere, with the finest and most experienced therapists and psychologists for long term success. He also added unlimited day visits to existing clients with food, and a support person if needed.

Yes a truly open door policy that costs nothing. He also wanted support for people who lived interstate or overseas and has two dedicated support people.

I wanted a price point for the program that was far more affordable for most people, and I wanted to deliver simply a far more comprehensive program than some of the very expensive retreats here and overseas.

Carol : General Manager


General Manager

Carol is the General Manager, she joined us after being General Manager of many other educational programs throughout south east Queensland.

She has also worked extensively in many areas of national mental healing and education, presenting submissions to the Senate Committee of mental health.

Carol operates a professional team, and quite frankly, both the clients and staff love her compassion and caring. She strives to always exceed people’s expectations.

Carol relishes conducting such a successful program with such experienced staff.

Rosalyn : Doctor



Full health assessment. Roslyn understands that when you suffer from anxiety, depression and self-medication issues it takes a toll on your body and we need to address any issues while you are with us.

Matt : Psychologist



Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness instructor, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), stress management, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy. Focused on phobias, addictions, self-medication, anxiety, depression, stress, change motivation and confidence building. Practitioner of Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

Salima : Life Coach


Life Coach

Salima is focused on inner journey therapy, stress management. She is arguably the most respected and effective natural therapist in the county. With over 20 years experience, there may be someone in the world as effective as her in recovery but you would be hard pressed to find someone more effective.

Tennelle : Naturopath



Tenelle is our Naturopath and Chinese Medicine Practitioner. Studied and Practiced for many years in China and Australia, Tennelle is expert in Bio Balance, MTHFR and every aspect of the physical and Bio side of recovery. She truly is a leader in her field.

Clare : Life Coach & Presenter


Life Coach & Presenter

Psychosomatic therapy, presents stress management structures, life coach, mindfulness instructor, yoga instructor (trained in India). Clare is going to be there when there is a defining moment in your recovery and support you through every step to make sure your recovery is there for the long term.

Beth : Psychologist



Beth has been qualified as a psychologist for over twenty years. She was in private practice for 10 years where she loved companioning people toward their personal goals. Central to her professional and personal practice is a holistic approach and she finds working with the brain, mind, body and emotions as an integrated system, brings more sustainable change. Beth draws from a variety of approaches tailored to the person she works with, and has found people respond well to mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, positive psychology, emotion-focussed and experiential therapies. Beth is trained in therapeutic arts, and often uses this as an effective method for inquiry about areas of inner conflict and associated patterns. She is inspired by the courage, authenticity and commitment to action it takes to navigate a meaningful and joyful path in life.

Kerri : Life Coach


Life Coach

Kerri, life coach.

Carl : VIP Calls & Presenter


VIP Calls & Presenter

Presenting stress management and coping skills and more importantly what to do about it. Dealing with triggers once and for all. Part of the support team that will keep in contact after you leave the retreat to support you to implement the tools and new strategies into your everyday life.

Rebecca : VIP Calls


VIP Calls

Rebecca heads client support for clients when they return home.

With many years of experience she is a brilliant source of support for former clients.

She also is a natural therapist in stress management.

What a wonderful and effective team member.

Miranda : Head Chef


Head Chef

Yummy food prepared by a person highly skilled in Healthy food and preparation.

Miranda’s food schools are life changing and life saving. allowing clients to make the changes in a constructive and real way.

Clint : Administration Manager


Administration Manager

Clint is our business development manager who will handle the logistics of a clients arrival for their program.

Making sure flights and transfers go as stress free as possible. He may even be the person who will meet you at the airport and drive you to the retreat.

Veronica : Program Co-Ordinator


Program Co-Ordinator

Veronica heads the scheduling department. Making sure each and every client’s daily schedule runs seamlessly.

It is so important that a person’s program runs smoothly each and every day.

She is the finest at what she does.

We are so proud to have her heading scheduling.

Karen : Scheduling



Makes sure the clients programs is coordinated in stress free way which optimises their program

Angela : Host



Whether its Hosting, house keeping or Transfers to and from the airport, Angela is loved by our clients for the way she looks after them.

Hudson : Host



When you fly in for your program there is good change Hudson will be there in baggage to pick you up to start your journey.

He will make you feel relaxed and orientate you about what to expect when you arrive.

Hudson also works throughout the retreat in various capacities.

Gabby : Housekeeping & Host


Housekeeping & Host

Clients love the way they are spoilt by Gabby as one of our highly effective hosts.

Making a person feel nurtured is the first step to the person relaxing and taking on the new learning

Akemi : Massage Therapist


Massage Therapist

Myofascial release, Swedish/relaxation massage, remedial massage, cupping, hot rock

Rebecca : Massage Therapist


Massage Therapist

Bec’s massage is an integration of the many modalites of bodywork she has trained in, giving you a thorough, deep, yet gentle releasing massage in the Hawaiian lomi lomi style.

Bec has over 20 years experience in the Natural Therapies field, with comprehensive training in:

Polynesian Healing Systems (Hawaiian Temple Style, Ancient Hawaiian Lomilomi, Ho’opono Pono Ke Ala, Release Therapy, Body Awareness, Huna Philosophy, Ohana Massage)
Chiron Healing and Subtle Anatomy
Psychosomatic Therapy
Vitaflex Aromatherapy
Our clients absolutely love Bec’s massages.

Carolita : Latin Dance & Drumming Instructor


Latin Dance & Drumming Instructor

Carolita is originally from South America where dance is a natural way of expression in daily life. She brings the relaxed exuberance of Latin-American dance and music to small groups where self-expression and release can be experienced in a safe and non-judgmental way.

Individuals are taken on a journey through different traditional styles of dance where there is opportunity for each person to experience the unique movements of their own bodies in an atmosphere of self-acceptance.

There is time set aside during the class for gentle warm-up at the start and wind-down meditative time towards the end of the class to help integrate the body/mind/soul connection, with lots of fun and laughter in between.


Makes sure our clients comfort levels are as high as possible so they can concentrate on their programs and recovery. They take care of all room services leaving you to make yourself number one priority at all times.



Housekeeping & Host


Housekeeping & Host