To head in the right direction we are going to need to change the way we look at life, and the tools needed.

How do I secure my booking/placement?

Booking is secured by making a non-refundable $1,000.00 inc. GST deposit. By making this deposit it covers holding the placement, flights, transfers and administration.

What if I want other treatments?

You can order onsite.

What if I want a cabin to myself?

Absolutely, all our cabins are for one person.

How do I get there?

With most packages, we fly you into Brisbane or Maroochydore airport, and then drive you to our door, from any capital city in the Australia.

Can I take my medication while I am there?

Of course you can.

I am on medication and have been for a long time, I don’t think anything can fix me.

You are not broken. We teach you how to let go of the triggers which have caused you to feel this way. Rebuild your self-worth, then most importantly consolidate that change. Let me put it this way, it has become normal for you to act the way you do, we have to give you a new normal, then consolidate that change. We then prepare you for post retreat, then support you and your family when you go home.
YES you can feel wonderful again.

I have depression or anxiety or both, the medication just doesn’t work, why does this work?

At this point your brain only knows what it knows; therefore there can never be a different outcome. We train your brain to think differently, so you know how to handle stress and anxiety to have the best outcome.

My partner just won’t seek help, what do I do? It’s ruining my life.

Ask about interventions, Francis personally travels all over the country doing the interventions.

What is an intervention? And do they work?

An intervention is an orchestrated event to convince loved ones to seek professional help. Interventions are an effective way of getting through to people. It works.

How Many people are at the retreat at any one time?

Usually 6 to 14 people, we keep the number of people down so we can deliver the very best programs.

Why do I feel the way I do?

Currently, your first response to stress is depression, anxiety and eating disorders. The Health Retreat program teaches you a new first response to stress, therefore giving you the tools to face life, fully equipped to meet the challenges ahead.

If you are serious about regaining your self-worth, the 29 Day Program is a must, the 15 Day Program is also a good start.

Why is Stress management so important?

It has become normal to re act/act to stress and life a certain way. The stress management component changes how we react to life, and more importantly the tools to deal with the future.

If we suffer from depression, anxiety, it means we can manage those conditions far better than we ever believed possible.

The stress management also prepares us for life after the program, that with long term support is the key.

Why is dealing with triggers so important?

Our reaction/response to these triggers lead to the current coping mechanism, which may not be correct. We have to let go of the triggers, or at the very least respond to them in an upgraded manner. This part of the program is crucial to long-term help. We have to let go of the core issues behind the behaviours.

Why do we use Psychologists and Natural Therapies?

It is simple, benefits can be achieved from both types of modalities. We understand the challenges are so severe and debilitating, we need the finest most experienced people for your future.

Why do we have naturopaths?

Our body has been deprived and in many cases hurt by our current behaviours. Our Naturopath is highly qualified after completing 7 years in Shanghai studying and practising Chinese medicine, Bio-balance, Blood analysis.

The bottom line is we need to know how your body has been affected and more importantly what to do about it going forward.

What are Real Life Therapies

Exclusive to The Health retreat. These therapies are designed for preparation for life after the program.  Real Tools for Real situations going forward.

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