Dear Health retreat
Id just like to say thankyou for everything. It was an amazing experience and hopefully i can apply the tools that you guys provided. I endeavour to keep you informed on my progress and know that your phone number is always handy whenever I need.

Cheers 🙂


Thank you to the very awesome team at the Health Retreat! I had the privilege of spending a week at the Retreat, while settling in my daughter, who was stifled by depression, anxiety and addictions.

During my week I witnessed something that to me was very special. The staff ooze compassion, generosity and a genuine interest and wish to help! They are highly experienced, skilled and professional. I could not believe the difference for my daughter, even in her first week of the programme.

My daughter, at the time of her arrival was close to hitting rock bottom, not trusting anybody and seemingly determined to continue on a long hard path of self destruction. I witnessed first hand over the first few days, how she opened up and engaged in the programme thanks to staff being kind, genuine and very skilled in working together and with her to help her become and stay engaged. The staff achieved within a few days, what other therapists could not for many years before!

The programme was adjusted almost daily on the individual needs and as challenges arose. The Retreat offers a variety of workshops, group sessions and individual sessions. The right therapists engaged as they were needed and the results are just great – we now have a young woman who is starting to believe in herself, who is motivated to set and achieve goals and who has already in her month back home made positive decisions as to how she wants to live, more than I have seen for many years! The team is staying in touch with her, even now, and she so very grateful for that!

Thank you to your amazing group of therapists, to all the staff who take part in running a smooth show and to keeping the environment so beautiful! Thank you to the kitchen staff, who cook such wonderful meals, who always went the extra mile, and never stopped smiling and laughing, no matter how busy or hot their days were! Thank you to the support staff, who kept the accommodation spotless, the large grounds beautiful and the guests happy by always being there to help out no matter what. And thank you to Carol and Francis, to Clint and their families to making all this possible and for being such generous, hard working and dedicated people! You rock, the lot of you!

Your staff achieved what I did not think was possible! They gained my daughter’s trust, wrapped her up in love, educated her about herself and life and injected a healthy dose of self esteem! You all have made a very real difference! She now has purpose, a spark of life and is growing her strength to go for it!

My blessings to you all!


Hi team,

I checked into The Health Retreat in late July 2014 and stayed for the 29 day program.
It was an amazing and very rewarding experience.  I was suffering from severe anxiety, depression, you name it. I had lost a baby, had another child, lost a business and went into severe financial debt before my, soon to be ex-husband, decided a move to his parents was the best option to get us back on our feet.

That was a huge mistake in hindsight, but then, what isn’t? It was a small town and my mother in law became a person I no longer recognised. (We hadn’t known each other well, but she always seemed like a nice lady).

My depression became worse, as finding a job in a new and very small town, was challenging. I sought help but realised my self-medication of alcohol was, and had been a problem for quite some time. I realised I wasn’t the mother I wanted to be, I was intimidated all the time and my husband and I had basically lost our spark.

I frequently got frustrated and moved out of the home to a nearby motel for short periods of time to the away from people who I knew were toxic.  My family agreed that help was needed and with the help of my parents, I was at the Retreat with in days. I was sent off with love and best wishes from my in-laws and promises of a better beginning when I returned.  I spent a lot of personal time working on the things that had haunted me, how to deal with a mother in law I was basically trapped with etc… (we all know how it works).

My experience at the Retreat can only be described as amazing!

I made a lot of good friends, and although I’m sure you say this to every group, we were told we were a pretty memorable bunch!

I embraced the program… at first I did the weekly walks, then as I felt better I decided to go running every morning, then work out. My first week at Friday Boot Camp I could barely make it a 1/4 way through, by the end I could have kept on going!  None of my clothes fit anymore (occupational hazard I guess), I jumped into the FREEZING waters of the falls, I did the ASL challenge with Thomas, we swam at Moffat Beach one time and I had a sand pit in my tub, worth every tumbling second!

I welcomed every new person like I owned the place ? Just to make sure they were comfortable and didn’t feel alone. I even gave you a pastel drawing I did of the ocean, which I hope made it up onto the wall of fame/shame somewhere!  

I have genuinely never tried to embrace a chance for a gift as you could call it, like I did there. I did every morning activity, almost every class with the exception of course of taking someone else’s massage.
You didn’t keep us out of touch with reality,

Just 3 days before I was leaving, my husband told me his parents would not have me back in the house. This was August 2014. I was blindsided…..and I was homeless. I was not ready to go back to my old life

My in-laws never even let me step foot back on the driveway because during on of our sessions, one of my counsellors told me it was a bad idea to go back there, which they were right. My mistake was telling my husband who then felt he had to relay that information.

I moved to Sydney 2 weeks later, leaving my daughter behind. She was treated well and loved, even if they didn’t want me in their lives.

I had full-time work within a month, however, Sydney is a very expensive city and I couldn’t see a resolution.  

Many Thanks and Kind Regards,

Thank you so much Francis, and also thankyou for your program i am greatful each and every day to have had the privilege to come to your retreat i havn't relapsed since being home and havn't had the feeling of wanting to either thanx to the great councilers you have at the retreat. My family couldn't be prouder but most of all you gave my kids there mum back i will be forever thankful. I now have a job and also move into my own house on Saturday so everything is going great thankyou so much…


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