I don’t know how you what or how you and your wonderful team did to help my eldest son but after 2 weeks he is a totally different person.
You’ve worked a miracle and I cannot recommend The Health Retreat too highly.
God bless you all for your fine work.
– Alex

Good morning to all the team at the health retreat.
12 months has passed since my visit to the retreat and I can favourably say that I am feeling great about my life.  I continue to practice all that I have learnt from your teachings from knowing who “I am, why I am here” to accept control then appreciate the everyday Swell of emotions, thoughts and feelings that come over me. I continued with CBT and completed courses in mindfulness for positive performance.
What have I learnt.

  • To have gratitude for those who have gratitude toward me
  • I am my own belief system and I control that belief
  • Grateful for all that I have around me
  • That communication is a golden key to unlock unwanted feelings of concern. This dissipates my anxiety and stops that spiral of decent.
  • Things happen in life for many reasons, however it is how I deal with those things whether good or unwanted determines the outcome
  • To not react to situations immediately and give yourself time to think about that reaction.  It always feels better when you don’t react.
  • To let the small matters go before they manifest
  • Exercise is an important part of healing and wellbeing
  • Mindfullness meditation and awareness does settle the mind and allows for a feeling of calm throughout the day

I now realised that I have begun to pass on all my learnings to friends, family and colleagues.  I believe that this has been one of the most satisfying outcomes to come from “my” mental health issues.

It will always be a life’s work keeping positive, happy and grounded but if that is what it takes for me to continue feeling good and pass that on to loved ones then I am all for it.


Today I am celebrating a year of sobriety, a whole year of freedom. My life has completely changed, from falling apart around me to living a full, rewarding, awesome life. I’m a better partner, mother, friend and I have actually started to like myself again.  I’m sure I wouldn’t have had achieved this if it wasn’t for the ongoing support from everyone at the retreat, so thank you. I hope you are all well.

Kindest Regards,


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