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These are your Options


  1. Do absolutely nothing, and nothing will change, it will just keep getting worse and worse.
  2. Don’t let another day pass doing the same thing, achieving the same outcome.
  3. You know you don’t want to do this anymore, so step up, and make the changes right now.



Why us?


  1. The most effective recovery team in the country. They expect a positive outcome and that’s what they generally get, this is serious, you need the best program in the country.
  2. We have the most effective program in the country, we have already helped so many people. Please read the unsolicited testimonials to give you the confidence, to get the help you need.
  3. We will never give up on you, ever.
  4. We support not only you, but your whole family.
  5. With us you get more program and more experienced therapists than any overpriced competitor.
  6. With us you get the absolute finest natural therapists who are experts in recovery, backed up by psychologists who are experts in natural therapies.
  7. Our program is confidential, private and safe.
  8. Always private accommodation.
  9. We practice The Mind Body connection.
  10. We supply far superior long term aftercare, which is indefinite for locals at no cost.
  11. Our beautiful food is delivered by the absolute guru chefs on the Sunshine Coast.
  12. Find out what is happening with your body with a full health assessment and blood analysis.
  13. When you call or email, you won’t talk to an admission coordinator (best named a salesman) who will ask millions of questions with no qualifications to understand them.  It’s important to understand that at The Health Retreat you will talk to Francis the Founder, or a skilled therapist/psychologist who will assess your challenges and advise you of the best possible program to suit your needs.
  14. At the Health Retreat we do not practice the 12 step or talk therapy we believe the issues are deep seeded and need appropriate therapy to treat them.
  15. This Deep therapy, combined with cutting edge stress management joined with many other therapies will give you a program that just makes sense


Send that email, or make the call to Francis right now on 0477 163 718




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Important to Note

The Health Retreat also specialising in family and couples counselling.

Carol adds this very important component as required to each program for partners, children and parents.

Our ongoing support for the family sets us apart.

Why these programs, when there are so many medical models and high priced natural models?

I have programs from 8 days 7 nights to 29 days 28 nights depending on severity of the issues you are facing, time and budget.

Of course the more time you give me the better as all of our program are far superior to any medical or natural model out there.

Once a date and program is confirmed Clint will book any flights and transfers, organise the pre admission confirmation call, and send a list of what to bring with you.

We want this process to be as easy as possible for you or a loved one.

It’s that simple to start the road to recovery.

We have solution based programs with a much broader and experienced skill set than any other program no matter how much they want to charge, andsome charge just too much money for what you get.

We have private accommodation, great food (organic where possible) and a solution based program where we work to your needs. There are no hidden costs.

Airfares and transfers are included if required.

The test I ask myself every day is: If one of my children or partner had a issue with depression, anxiety or self medication would I send them to this program, even if money was not the issue.

The answer is a resounding YES.

Please contact me now to see how I can help.

Warm Regards,

The Founder
The Health Retreat Group

Mission Statement

Return flights and Airport transfers to and from the retreat.

A Private, and Structured solution based program just for you.

  • Private cabins and rooms
  • Use of our 60 acre organic health and sustainable retreat facilities
  • Medical appointments as required. Naturopath on staff.
  • The most experienced team of Life Coaches and therapists who are confident in all areas of vocabulary.
  • Private one-on-one therapies delivered by brilliant therapists throughout the program
  • Group sessions which is solution based and makes sense
  • Real Preparation for life at home
  • Highly nutritious and delicious meals cooked by professional chefs
  • Exercise at your level and focus on your physical well-being
  • Accommodation for a family member, first 2 nights or as required
  • Integration for your loved one at the weekend stress management program so they understand why
  • Unparalleled after-care by our totally professional team
  • Superior Cabins and rooms far more comfortable than more expensive programs elsewhere
  • Solution based programs which work

We understand this is a stressful time, many people and families are in crisis.

There is no other place in the country that is committed by such wonderful therapists, solution based programs, in a truly beautiful environment.

All this at a price that has been set to make sure as many people as possible can afford the program.

Please do not be hoodwinked by slick salesman from overpriced retreats just trying to up-sell.

With us, you get more experience, better programs for less money.

When you come to our retreats you deal with me, and I make sure you get the retreat you need.

The Founder






Depression and Anxiety, which sometimes leads to severe self medication, eating disorders and insomnia, are very serious conditions.

You are going to need the very best of help to deal with these issues long term.

The Health Retreat has the finest programs tailored to your needs. These Programs are delivered by therapists with years of experience. Give yourself the very best chance to regain your life, and start to live again, happy. Do not go to overpriced places with inferior programs and therapists, you deserve the best of help, you will need it to overcome these issues.

Please take the time to go through our website, your future depends on it.

A Retreat Where Real Change Happens

It is important to understand that The Health Retreat is not a hospital or clinic, but a retreat where real change happens long term.

Many people have suffered not from illegal drugs, but are addicted with prescription medication, which is of little or no benefit to them for the medium or long term.

All I ask is you find out why natural therapies are far more effective than the current western system. You owe it to yourself or a loved one.  In some cases their life depends on it.

We are proud to display our staff

You need to be assured that the professionals delivering you or a loved ones program are the very best. Our staff are what sets us apart from any other retreat.

Click here to meet the team.

We specialise in:

  • Drug and alcohol rehabilitation educational programs
  • Detox education programs
  • Depression rehabilitation education programs
  • Anxiety rehabilitation education programs
  • Insomnia education programs
  • Youth education programs where the parents or the whole family can get the help they need
  • Weight loss education programs
  • Eating disorders education programs

All our retreats are:

  • Very private
  • Only have Organic food
  • Well structured
  • Proven to give long term results
  • Save lives

Why The Health Retreat program does work for Detoxification

Clients suffering from addiction make up the third largest group attending these programs.  The Health Retreat approach to addiction is completely different to traditional methods that are low on results.

Our solution has four major components:

  • We use Health Retreat Method trained Life Coaches. Our Director of Therapies is the most experienced in this method in the industry.
  • It is supported by Journey Therapy. Developed originally by American author Brandon Bays similar to time line therapy but different in that the focus is not only to identify your patterns of behaviour and their origins, but to change the pattern then and there, backed by Inner Journey therapy, hypnotherapy when required. We have therapists who are also Masters in CBT, NLP. We also organize daily medical visits to General Practitioners to monitor your vital organs.
  • It is underpinned by Mindfulness Training which has existed for millennia but has only been explained scientifically the last twenty years. “One has to try to develop one’s inner feelings, which can be done simply by training one’s mind.”
  • A highly nutritious organic diet to give the body the essential components it needs to fuel the mechanics of detoxification. Unlike other retreats, the meals are hearty, taste and look wonderful, and you will never feel hungry, ever. This is combined with gentle exercise and massage to assist the body to remove toxins, we have a multitude of therapies to choose from for the physical change, but long term permanent change is always done with the first three components.
  • Of course The Health Retreat has the X factor. The Health Retreat staff are the most finest and experienced natural healing team in the country. The General manager Carol has made many submissions in regard to mental health to Senate Committees and has many years’ experience dealing with, and achieving amazing positive results for clients with her team of Professionals.


The Health Retreat Success Stories

Hi Francis
My daughter stayed at your retreat for four weeks last July.
I wanted you to know that she has progressed well since then. She has not relapsed and further to that she has dropped away from various other associated addictions such as cigarettes and weed and rarely drinks alcohol.
She is now in a happy relationship with a forward outlook.
That break within your beautiful setting plus your people and the program was very appropriate and timely for her.
Within our family, we are all very grateful for the results, the availability and quality of your facility and the way the staff approached these challenging circumstances.
As to be expected we are very good advocates for the retreat whenever we can.

All the best to you all and thank you again!

Steve w.




This wonderful young woman had a stroke because of her self medication, she was wheel chair bound only days before she arrived. Yes it took 6 weeks, and a lot of commitment from her, and the amazing skills of the staff at the retreat.

I am sure you will agree by her photo, her recovery is breathtaking.

Charlotte Before The Health Retreat

Charlotte After The Health Retreat Charlotte After The Health Retreat

Charlotte with Francis and Hudson at The Health Retreat

Francis (The Founder) and his son Hudson with Charlotte about to take her to the airport for the first day of the rest of her life.

Getting better should be a very positive nurturing experience, in a wonderful serene environment.

We have the most senior Life Coaches in the industry, who have helped thousands of people to be depression and anxiety free.

You have made the first step by reading this site. Don’t let that be wasted.

Find out why we are so effective with the above conditions.

Find out the cost and the time required for you and your loved ones.  Then find out the next available date.

Remember the life of yourself or a loved one is in your hands.

Right now is the defining moment in your or a loved ones’ lives.

Before you go any further find out the information to make an informed decision right now. This may not be for you or your loved one, but, find out for sure. Your life or the life of a loved one depends on the decisions you make right now.



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